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Career growth and new opportunities in virtual reality and the metaverse

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The virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality market size is currently $30.7 billion and is estimated to be around $296.9 billion by 2024. This rapid growth of these technologies is a clear indicator of where the world is heading in the next couple of years. If you are a developer or product designer, VR and AR are some of the technologies that you need to master in order to take advantage of the new career opportunities in the metaverse.

Yes, these technologies may not be mainstream yet, but their future is very promising. As VR and AR hardware continue to get better, we should expect more people to start using these gadgets for education, communication, working out, and several other use cases. This is an opportunity for VR developers and designers to make good use of their skills.

So, is it worth it to invest in career growth in virtual reality? The simple answer to this question is yes. Here is why.

Metaverse creation tools are mostly free, or very affordable

The tools that will power the VR metaverse are available now for everyone to use. These tools often follow a freemium model, where creators can start creating and only pay if their apps or experiences start generating revenue. Most of these tools do not require owning a virtual reality headset and can be used in a desktop computer. However, the price of the Oculus Quest 2 has been reduced to $299, making it a very affordable but yet powerful consumer option. 


Unity is a free 3d creator engine. Using the Unity Personal license is free for students and creators. A professional license, Unity Plus, offers more resources to commercialize your app or experiences starts at $399 a year. For more information visit: https://store.unity.com/compare-plans

Meta Quest (Oculus Quest)

Brand new headsets cost $299 with 128 GB of ram. Using oculus is free and only requires a facebook account. Some retailers are offering refurbished Meta Quests for $250. Check your local electronics store chain for deals.

Meta quest and Sony VR
Meta Quest average price is $299, and Sony VR gaming headset average price is $300.

Good salaries

The average salary for VR developers in the US is around $89,590 /year, making it one of the most paying jobs in the country. More experienced developers are paid over $150,000. These salaries will continue to rise as the demand for VR and AR developers continues to go up. So, specializing in VR as a developer or product designer is a good move if you consider how much these folks are paid.

There are lots of opportunities in the metaverse

Virtual Reality market size is currently $30.7 billion and is estimated to be around $296.9 billion by 2024

Thomas Alsop

The metaverse is expected to become the next generation of internet and communication. Instead of the two-dimensional experiences with current mainstream communication technologies, the metaverse will enable 3D experiences to make communication more realistic than ever before.

Every digital product that will appear in the metaverse will have to be created by developers and designers. Being well conversant with Virtual Reality is a prerequisite for creating these digital products.

AR and VR are being used in the maintenance of equipment

Equipment failure is one of the common causes of downtime. This problem is being solved by using virtual reality that helps technicians to gain maintenance skills faster and much cheaper. With VR, technicians don’t have to wait for machines to be available to practice particular maintenance skills; they can do it in a simulated virtual environment. This creates more demand for VR app developers and designers.

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