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Augmented / Virtual Reality APP Testing

In order to deliver a highly engaging and differentiated AR/VR experience, leading brands work with Applause to build a comprehensive testing strategy that includes:

  • Functional Testing: With a crowd of over 400,000 testers, Applause can find seasoned QA testers to run exploratory tests and test case executions, integrating fully into your SDLC release cadence.
  • Usability Testing: Run pre-production testing with testers that fit your target demographic to determine whether the use case you selected for AR or VR makes sense for your audience. Receive actionable feedback about how users interact with your technology.
  • Immersive Testing: Learn whether your VR causes too much motion sickness or is not immersive enough. Applause can provide recommendations on the physical environment, such as how much open space is needed around an individual using VR.